Building Creativity

Do you think you are not a creative person?  You actually might think you are creative and really not be at all. If you want to live out your passions and make them a reality then you need to be creative.  There are many ways you will need to creatively tackle barriers and make things happen.  The more creative you are the more successful you will be in your life.  Here are a few ways you can build creativity in your life.

Make creativity a game in everything you do.  When you come upon a circumstance you should give yourself the rules.  Think about the objectives and any obstacles or strategic constraints that might be a problem.  The more creative you are with these answers the better you are. 

When you are creative you also have to set goals.  Goals go with deadlines and you need to set a deadline with activities.  When you attach a deadline with tasks it actually makes them more exciting.  You also won’t procrastinate as much either.

Self expression is a very important aspect also.  You need to find every opportunity to express yourself that you can in a creative fashion.  Not only in a creative fashion but every opportunity.  When you look for opportunities to express yourself you are being creative in the process. 

Expressing yourself can be in the way you display dinner on the plate.  You might choose to dress up the meal with cranberries and garnishes.  You may change the way you do a presentation at work and completely changing the style from the way your work does it.  View every activity as a way to express yourself and be creative. 

Allow more focus in your life.  The best things you can do for yourself is eliminating distractions and noise when you focus on an activity.  When you focus on an activity really hard you will see opportunities and qualities about it.  If you really cannot pay attention to something then it really is boring.  Again, find ways to make it exciting. 

When you are working on activities that seem like they are boring then you should view them as smaller pieces of a bigger picture.  You need to see the big picture of things and every aspect of an activity.

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  1. 1
    Jordan Says:

    “You actually might think you are creative and really not be at all”

    First thing I have found on this site that seems completely inaccurate.
    Everyone has creativity, and a lot of it. Some, maybe most, people just don’t know how to translate it into real life, or do not realize that there is no limit to the mind and don’t understand what they can achieve or produce with it.

    Saying that someone is not creative is like saying rhythm is something you are born with. Everyone has both, however locked away it may be.

    • 2

      I don’t think you have read the complete article. When it’s said, “You actually might think you are creative and really not be at all” is pointed towards the present situation. Yes, everyone is gifted with creativity but does everyone utilizes it? Do you think all people around you are creative? The line is written particularly to push people to be more creativity. Anyways, if you have achieved any level of creativity in your life, I would welcome you to write a guest post here and share your experience. Are you interested?

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