[Free Gift] The 18 Rules of Happiness by Karl Moore

Hi Guys! I hope your Christmas was great. A few days ago I came across the eBook ‘The 18 Rules of Happiness‘ by Karl Moore. So, I asked him if I can share it and he was generous enough to allow me to give it away FREE for a limited time. This books sells on Amazon for $16.95 but you can get the eBook free for now. I gone through some pages of the eBook and found his tips to be very practical, simple and effective. Enjoy the freebie.

In this book, you’ll find 18 simple rules designed to shift your perspective, helping you to rediscover the happiness you may have forgotten.

The 18 Rules of Happiness

The 18 Rules of Happiness

Format: pdf   Size: 1.06 Mb



  1. 1
    karlmoore Says:

    You can purchase the latest version of this book for the Kindle online at http://www.the18rules.com/ – it only costs 99c 🙂

  2. 2

    How cool, I love free stuff. 🙂

  3. 3
    karlmoorel Says:

    Sorry, this item now has to be removed. But you can get it again for free on February 29th 2012 for the Kindle on Amazon — or 99c at any other time.

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