Action needs to be all around you when you are living your passion.  Because it has been so easy to procrastinate to work toward your passion you do not want to fall into the same problem as before.  It is important to take action with yourself, people you include to help you and more.

Taking action is the most important thing to avoid procrastination.  You want to work toward a big goal which is your dream.  Nothing is going to get in your way or slow you down.  Put a sign up that says action to remind yourself you are working toward your passion by constant action. 

You wan to have people on your team that are action oriented also.  Don’t have people work with you that are not action oriented.  If you have a really supportive aunt that likes to sit around and talk but not work hard then you cannot have her help you with your passion.  She may be the person you can have help you create hype for your endeavor or business but not to take action.  Find a place for her so she can help because you need the support.

Always reward action.  Never let action and goal setting go without rewards.  You want to reward everyone helping you and yourself.  This doesn’t mean you need to spend money you don’t have.  You can reward someone by letting them know you appreciate what they are doing for you.  Acknowledgement of hard work is sometimes enough when people know you really appreciate it.

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