Learning is another obstacle for many people.  You might have finished school 20 years ago and figure you are done with learning anything new.  This is silly and you are always capable of learning even when you are on your deathbed at 80 years old.  You need to take on the entire learning process as a fun and exciting thing.  You will be living out your dreams soon and if it requires you to obtain a certification or learn something then you need to look at this as a stepping stone toward your goals.

There are many obstacles that you can say are the reason for you not living out your dream.  These are only temporary barriers that you are using as an excuse for not moving forward.  You are in control of barriers and your mind.  You have control of the people in your life who are supportive or not.  You have control over your job or the ability to creatively find ways to fund your endeavors.  Barriers can creatively be overcome to get started with living out your passion.  You need to stand up and say no more to barriers that are in your way and start living your dreams.

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