Happiness is a Choice You Make

If you are not a happy person that is a choice you are making.  You have full control over your life and the decisions that you make.  There are many factors which people measure happiness.  Some people think money is happiness however they may absolutely miserable with what they do on a daily basis to make their money.

You might look at people who have absolutely everything and you strive to be like them.  These things may be wealth, possessions, status, or even the position you hold at work.  These things don’t create happiness.  Happiness is a choice.

There are many people who have wealth and a high status who are completely miserable.  They may be lonely, divorced and more.  Happiness comes from within.  These people may be working jobs they absolutely hate but just have a knack for making money.

Mulla Nasruddin Jokes:

One day Nasruddin saw a man sitting in a pall of gloom. When asked for the reason behind his sorrow, the man replied that his life had become so miserable that he had collected all his money and was wandering around seeking happiness. All of a sudden, Nasruddin picked up the man’s purse and dodging him disappeared from his sight. After some time Nasruddin placed the bag at a place where the frantic man could see it and then hid himself behind a tree. When the man found his purse he forgot his grief and began dancing with joy. Mulla murmured: ”Isn’t there another way to bring happiness to a sad man?’

“Look at the whole thing. You never think why you are miserable — you are simply miserable. Whenever you are happy you start looking, “Why am I happy?” Misery seems to be natural; happiness seems to be something unnatural happening sometimes. Misery is your state and happiness is your hankering. An enlightened person is simply happy, just as you are simply miserable. Simply happy! and is never miserable. Even sometimes when the shoe pinches, he simply puts it right. It is not misery, it is simply physical pain — a discomfort, but not misery. He simply puts the feet right; he changes the shoes, or he walks without the shoe. Discomfort can happen to an enlightened man, but never misery — because how can misery happen? When there is no cause for his blissfulness misery is impossible. you caused, you cannot destroy it. Uncaused, how can you take it away? Uncaused, there is no opposite to it. This is ANANDA(real happiness).”


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  1. 1
    Joy Says:

    that’s what I always told my ex – that you choose to be what you want – no matter how miserable and how much trouble you needn’t sit around and mope and be nasty – it only makes things worse.

  2. 3
    David Duong Says:

    indeed happiness is a chocie

  3. 4
    Sam Says:

    happiness is not only the main thing in life.. Life is full of sweet and bitter memories, if u only want happiness it is not possible to tell the truth,,, but being urself is very important ,, don change urself for others…..

  4. 5
    Tori Says:

    I believe cheerfulness is a choice, happiness is not. I suffered from depression for months and was seemingly cheerful, but never truly happy. No matter how cheerful or optimistic I was, those choices didn’t change my true happiness. Contentment is another choice, but it isn’t the same as happiness. I genuinely don’t think you can choose happiness.

  5. 6
    Okoh ugochukwu kingsley Says:

    What if those things that make us happy are harmful to us and others around us? What choice do we have?

  6. 8
    Sundara Says:

    I think happiness is not a goal. The goal is THAT make you happy and that is realy you are. Happiness is an issue of this things, not a choice.

  7. 9
    fairytalehigh Says:

    I feel lucky that I am aware of this. We have the ability to train our brains to think ourselves happy. Happiness is an option!

  8. 10
    N.M Says:

    very nicely described . Well Done !!

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