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Keys to Happiness

September 28, 2010


  • Discover Yourself:


Everyone is unique. Just like 2 people never have same finger prints. So stop try to be like somebody else. Quit this race. And start finding what you are.


  • Stop being selfish:


Don’t think just about yourself, think about others too. At first, you will find that its hard to be selfless. So start like this:

1. Think of your profit first. (Which you always do)

2. Be selfish until your goal is achieved. (Try with smaller goals)

3. At last think about others.

What mistake we do is we never think about others even a little. They are just like objects for us.

One day you will surely understand that there is no point in this blind race.


  • Learn:


Always be a student. Learn something. Whatever you like. Its better if you can make a living out of it. Is there anything, any art or skill that you have discovered yourself, that contains your unique style. Or you always try to copy others?


  • Food:


Always eat the right kind of food. For this you need strong desire for being happy & healthy. Then only you will be able to educate yourself. Do you know there are various food which will never let you be relax.


  • Exercise:


Regular fixed set of exercise is very necessary. Exercise need not be heavy. Light exercise but daily is necessary to keep you happy.


Relieving Facial Tension – Every night meditation

September 16, 2010

Every night before you go to sleep, sit in your bed and start making faces — just as small children enjoy doing, make all kinds of faces, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, so the whole face and the musculature start moving. Make sounds — nonsense sounds will do — and sway, just for ten to fifteen minutes and then go to sleep.

In the morning, before you take your bath, again stand before the mirror and for ten minutes make faces. Standing before the mirror will help: you will be able to see and you will be able to respond.

– by Osho, Hallelujah! (No Longer Available at Osho’s Request)

Copyright © 2010 Osho International Foundation

Feel Yourself Saturated – 7day meditation

September 3, 2010


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For seven days try one simple experiment: feel your blood, your bones, your flesh, your body, filled with sadness ? every cell of the body sad; dark night around you; very heavy, depressed; not a single ray of light; no hope, gloomy, just as if you are going to die. Life is not throbbing in you; you are just waiting for death. It is as if death has already settled, or is settling. For seven days contemplate on the feeling that death has entered throughout the body; it has penetrated deep to the bone, to the very marrow. Go on thinking in this way, don’t disturb this mood. And then, after seven days, see how you feel.

You will be just a dead weight. All feeling will have disappeared, the body will not be felt as alive. And what have you done? You have been eating, you have been doing everything the same as you have always been doing; the only change has been in the imagination ? there is a new pattern of imagination around you.

You will succeed. Really, you have already succeeded in it; you are doing it, you are expert in doing this, unknowingly. That’s why I say start with sadness. If I say be filled with bliss, it will be very difficult. You cannot conceive of it. But if you can do it with sadness, then you will become aware that if sadness can happen to you, why not happiness? If you can create a sad milieu around you and become a dead thing in it, then why can’t you create an alive milieu around you and be alive, dancing? The other becomes conceivable.

Secondly, you will become aware that whatever sadness you have been suffering was not real. You were the creator of it, you were the author; unknowingly you have been doing this. It seems difficult to believe that your sadness is your imagination, because then the whole responsibility falls on you. Then no one else is responsible, then you cannot throw it on God, on fate, on others, on society, on wife, on husband ? you cannot throw it anywhere. You are the creator, and whatsoever is happening to you, you are creating it. Try it for seven days, consciously. And then, I say, you will never be sad again ? because you will have known the key.

Then for seven days try just being in a stream of bliss ? floating in it, every breath giving you ecstasy: just feel it. Start with sadness for seven days and then for seven days move to the contrary. And when you move to the direct opposite, you will feel it better because the contrast will be there.

Then only can you try this experiment ? because it is deeper than happiness. Sadness is the surface, happiness is the middle, and this is the last core, the innermost core, the cosmic essence: Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with the cosmic essence, with eternal life, with divine energy, with cosmic essence. But don’t start it directly because then you will not be able to touch it. Start from sadness, then move to happiness, and then try the origin, the very origin of life ? the cosmic essence. And feel yourself filled with it.

And this technique, to feel oneself saturated with the cosmic, is just wonderful!

From the very early morning, when you feel life awakening, when you feel that the sleep has gone, the first thought must be of this saturation ? now the Divine is opening, coming back out of sleep, not you. So Hindus, who have been one of the most penetrating races in the world, will start their first breath with the name of God. Now it has become a formality and the essential has been lost, but this was the root of it ? that at the moment you become alert in the morning you must not remember yourself, you must remember the Divine. The Divine must become the first remembrance ? and the last, at night, when you are falling asleep. The Divine must be remembered: he must be the first and the last. And if he is really the first in the morning and the last at night, he will be with you the whole day, in the middle also.

by Osho: Excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Talk #67

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