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Does Happiness Means Loving Yourself?

October 31, 2011

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Today, I read Happiness Means Loving Yourself on HuffingtonPost which said in order to be able to love someone else you must first know how to love yourself. It must not be labelled as a selfish act. Happiness really means loving yourself first. I totally agree. It’s incredibly hard to consciousl­y create success in your life unless you 100% believe that you are worth it. And without achieving success you can’t be happy. So, yes, in short happiness does means loving yourself and doing what you enjoy.

Here’s another article I found 4 Ways To Truly Love Yourself by Margarita Tartakovsky which shed some more light on how we can love ourselves. Here’s the quick summary:

1. Figure out who you are.
Be yourself and think about your strengths, preferences(likes and dislikes), goals and values.

2. Surround yourself with positive, nurturing people.
-Those who respect for who you are.

3. Respond to your needs.
– Do what you feel like doing.

4. Treat yourself to something you’d treat a loved one to…regularly.
-It can be hard but you can try.
The article suggests to make a list of what you would do for the person you love most, and then do those things for yourself. Alone.

Read the original posts, if you want detailed info. And tell me what your experience say, “Does happiness means loving yourself or not?”

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