Practicing meditation doesn’t mean you belong to a cult or you are doing anything religiously wrong.  Many people associate meditation with Buddhism and think it is wrong.  They are missing out on something extremely important which could be exactly what they need to balance out their days.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to change your subjective well being.  Doctors have proven meditation to generate brain activity on the left side, which produces a positive emotion in the body.

I have seen that this is the most visited page on this website. It seems people are very much interested in meditation. As there are lot of hype about meditation on the internet, I will give you the right information about this topic. But its not something so small that I can explain here. So, we will discuss about what is meditation and what it is not, in articles in ‘Meditation’ category later on.

“Meditation is going beyond the mind. It has nothing to do with the mind — except going beyond it. It is not a faculty of the mind, it is transcendental to mind. When you can see without the mind in between you and existence, you are in meditation. It is not concentration. It is utterly silent. It is not focusing… it is absolutely unfocused awareness.”


“Meditation means: remain as relaxed as you are in deep sleep and yet alert. Keep awareness there; let thoughts disappear but awareness has to be retained. And this is not difficult: it is just that we have not tried it, that’s all. It is like swimming: if you have not tried it, it looks very difficult; it looks very dangerous too. And you cannot believe how people can swim because you simply drown! But once you have tried a little bit it comes easily; it is very natural.”


“Meditation can be possible even in the marketplace, because it does not have to concentrate on anything. Meditation cannot be disturbed, it is all-inclusive. Concentration is exclusive; it excludes everything and just keeps the mind on one point.”


All the Buddhas have insisted, “Live in this moment.” To live in this moment is meditation, to be simply herenow is meditation. Those who are simply herenow this very moment with me are in meditation. This is meditation: the cuckoo calling from far away, and the airplane passing, and the crows and the birds. And all is silent, and there is no movement in the mind — you are not thinking of the past and you are not thinking of the future. Time has stopped, the world has stopped. Stopping the world is the whole art of meditation. And to live in the moment is to live in eternity. To taste the moment with no idea, with no mind, is to taste immortality.


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    David Duong Says:


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    Tammy Says:

    I am really enjoying this material. I am normally a naturally happy person but lately I have allowed my self to become stagnant and borderline depressed and this is just the boost that I need to get me back to the person that I want and need to be.Thank you

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