Another reason many people do not live out their passions and make them happen is because they say they do not have the time.  This could be close to true if you commute to work hours away and get home late at night.  It is common for many people to be slaves to their work and never have time even for their family.  This makes them feel selfish when they want to take time out for themselves to live out a passion.

If time is a problem you must find a way to make time in your life to do what it is that you want to do.  You might consider waking up an hour or two earlier every day or staying up just a little bit later.  Remember, sleep is important for happiness and a good day so you cannot cut too much into your sleep.

You might get an hour for your lunch hour and can bring crafts with you to work or your laptop to work.  This way you can work on your passion an hour each day.  Finding the time is very important.

Time wasted is very common for people who claim they do not have the time to live out their passions.  You might spend hours every night watching television and not doing very much on the weekends either.  This time might be your relaxing time because you work so hard during the week. 

It is time to start cutting out all of the time wasted in your life going out with the guys, watching television, and doing things that are not productive.  You do have time to get started.  You just need to manage your time better.  Remember that you don’t have to complete an entire project once you get started.  If your project is hours and you have an extra hour each day then you can do a little bit at a time.  This will allow you to have something to look forward to each day also.

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