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To make this blog more helpful, I have decided to make a few changes on this blog. I think it would be a better option to give all the pages on this blog, which you read by clicking ‘next’ each time, to be bundled and given away as a free ‘The Art of Loving Yourself’ eBook. And then I can just maintain a blog which I can update everytime with fresh content and ideas.

Another thing I am planning is to create a some free and paid reports.

This is not yet decided yet but this what I am actually planning. So, I need your opinion on this. Tell me if you like this idea.

The FREE report which I am planning to give away in a few weeks would be related to finding out what kind of lifestyle you want to live and how to take decisions so that you can achieve it. This will teach you the art of decision making. So please tell me does the idea of this report excites you? I this something you want to learn, read and know about. Your reply to me would be key factor in deciding if I should write this report. So friends, don’t forget to give your opinions and share this post, so that I can get as many feedback as possible.

Those who know my email can shoot me a mail. You can also message me on Facebook. Or the best way to give your opinion is by commenting on this post.

Thanks & Regards,

Aniket Kaushal


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    Deandra Says:

    That sound like a great idea. I am interested in techniques on clearing my mind and getting rid of negative thought patterns. I am also working on being less judgmental of others and of myself.

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