Keys to Happiness


  • Discover Yourself:


Everyone is unique. Just like 2 people never have same finger prints. So stop try to be like somebody else. Quit this race. And start finding what you are.


  • Stop being selfish:


Don’t think just about yourself, think about others too. At first, you will find that its hard to be selfless. So start like this:

1. Think of your profit first. (Which you always do)

2. Be selfish until your goal is achieved. (Try with smaller goals)

3. At last think about others.

What mistake we do is we never think about others even a little. They are just like objects for us.

One day you will surely understand that there is no point in this blind race.


  • Learn:


Always be a student. Learn something. Whatever you like. Its better if you can make a living out of it. Is there anything, any art or skill that you have discovered yourself, that contains your unique style. Or you always try to copy others?


  • Food:


Always eat the right kind of food. For this you need strong desire for being happy & healthy. Then only you will be able to educate yourself. Do you know there are various food which will never let you be relax.


  • Exercise:


Regular fixed set of exercise is very necessary. Exercise need not be heavy. Light exercise but daily is necessary to keep you happy.

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    Ang Says:

    Exercise is good. Healthy = Happy… 🙂

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